Unknown places of Rajasthan in India

Jaipur, the stepped well of Chand Baori or tiger watching in Ranthambore are some of the most iconic experiences to enjoy in the most famous state of India. However, there is life beyond when we talk about the following unknown places in Rajasthan.  

Crane sighting in Kheechan. ©Wikipedia Commons You have the map of India in front of you and you are once again that child playing with your destiny. The finger points to the Taj Mahal , sure, but automatically moves to nearby Rajasthan . The most famous state in India is known by many as the perfect prelude to an adventure through Hindu territory thanks to its eternal fortresses, the sunsets swallowed by camels and the enormous palaces with colorful porticoes. A nomadic land, macerated by the most traditional India and one that is still waiting to be discovered. We are not going to deny a tour of its typical scenarios, but it never hurts to dive through the best unknown places in Rajasthan 


Bundi Palace, Rajasthan, IndiaBundi Palace, Rajasthan, India

“Bundi Palace, even in broad daylight, is a palace that men build for themselves in restless dreams, the work of goblins rather than men.” With these words, Nobel Prize winner Rudyard Kipling once referred to Bundi Palace (or Sukh Mahal), the place where he spent time locked up writing his famous novel Kim. Rudyard was not wrong. Bundi is an enigmatic city in the Hadoti region worthy of a fairy tale: from the Raniji Ki Baori baori, one of the most spectacular, to the impressive structure of the Taragarh Fort , one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan. 


India is home to thousands of migratory birds, and one of the best examples is found in the small town of Khichan, in the Jodhpur district. A stronghold known for being the nucleus of one of the largest populations of demoiselle crane , a bird that visits this area every winter. In the early 1970s, a local couple began to feed the chicks of this crane until new specimens arrived. By 2014, Kheechan was already home to 30,000 demoiselle cranes . In addition to bird watching , the village of Kheechan evokes the concept of a desert town where the jharokha (or stone windows) shine in a forgotten temple and its streets give away colorful pictures worthy of the best mirage. 


Legend has it that this city was built by Raja Bijai Pan Jadon, the 88th descendant of Lord Krishna , in the year 995. True or not, the truth is that Karauli seems erected by hands from another world. Redstone architecture with blue etchings worthy of the Arabian Nights envelops this desert gem and its many attractions: Shri Mahavirji is one of the great pilgrimage sites of the Jain religion ; the Kaila Devi , a fascinating temple overlooking the banks of the Kalisil River and the Timangarh Fort forms an epic historical belt. 

lakshman sagar

Blue is always bluer in the middle of the desert, and the pools at the Lakshman Sagar resort confirm it. This boutique hotel of the Sewara chain located in Pali is committed to “ slow living ” as a mantra, taking advantage of the original 19th century construction conceived as a hunting ground for the Thakur of Raipur. The culture of hospitality is maintained in this set of 32 acres of land where architecture, cuisine and bespoke activities sigh under new designs and unique contemplation. 


“The highly ornate red sandstone Harihara temple, Osian Rajasthan, India. Built in the 8th century, the temple forms part of the Osian temple complex.”

Closer to an oasis than to a population as such, this ancient city in the Jodhpur district is a miracle in the middle of the Thar desert. Known by many as the ‘ Khajuraho of Rajasthan’ for its seedy sculpture temples, Osian encompasses such attractions as the medieval Kali, Sachiya Mata and Vishnu temples . In addition, it offers a list of activities that includes camel rides, kite flying and the sale of traditional jewelry in typical markets such as the Roop Bazaar and the Moyal Market.

Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve

Although most eyes are directed to the Bengal tiger when we step on Indian territory, the leopard is another of the star animals in areas such as Rajasthan. The Jawai Bandh reserve is famous for hosting temples run by priests who since time immemorial have lived with these polka-dotted cats that can be seen today. Since its declaration as a reserve in 2010, Jawai Bandh has not stopped attracting photographers, visitors and onlookers fascinated by the nature of the area and other species such as migratory birds or crocodiles. Safari in India was this.


Kuldhara is an abandoned town in the Jaisalmer district whose mysteries today float among the ancient dwellings of the Paliwal Brahmins, who lived here from the 13th century. According to legend, the Paliwals were victims of a curse that prevented them from reoccupying the area, which is why it was left uninhabited. In fact, different teams from programs on paranormal phenomena that have spent the nights among the stones have confirmed hearing cries and seeing shadows. The Indian government decided to rehabilitate Kuldhara as a tourist spot in 2015 and today this historic labyrinth is a unique desert walk through the light and darkness.

These unknown places in Rajasthan invite you to go beyond the usual places and experience the charm of this magical state from its roots. 

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