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Senior Travel In India

The Senior traveler is that explorer over 55 years of age with a hardened experience in the world of travel and, therefore, a unique nose when it comes to delving into a new destination. If you identify with this target, we will tell you which are the best Senior trips to India.



golden triangle

Sunrise at the Taj Mahal. ©Pixabay

As we move forward we will focus on much more exclusive destinations but, if in your case you have never visited the Indian giant, the Golden Triangle is the best starting point to discover India . Pure traveling geometry around three angles such as the city of Delhi , the capital of India; Agra , the city of the iconic Taj Mahal; and Jaipur , known as the Pink City of India. A unique journey that will not only allow you to discover the main heritages of India , but also enjoy exclusive hotels and experiences that range from preparing food with Sikh priests in a sacred temple, to living with a family from the rural areas of Agra. Golden Triangle tour can be done easily by hiring a taxi service in Jaipur

andaman islands

Andaman and Nicobar: paradise was this. © Taj

You, who have been to so many paradises in the world, will be pleased to know that there is an Indian archipelago full of possibilities. Away from the main tourist circuits, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands make up an Eden 1,000 kilometers south of India where you can succumb to the best experiences: touring the old prison in the capital, Port Blair ; reconnoiter churches trapped in the jungle on Ross Island ; or spot swimming elephants on Havelock Island. India’s tropical back room is full of possibilities, in tune with the energy of these islands that once conquered Marco Polo himself .

Hampi to Mysore

Hampi temples, the great attraction of Karnataka © Bet Travel

Karnataka is the ideal destination to enter South India. Starting from the technological city of Bangalore , this state offers an irresistible array of vast sites and fairytale palaces: nothing better than entering the more than 300 temples of Hampi , to connect with Mysore, the city of incense, and start the winding journey to what is known as “God’s Land”. The north of Kerala offers unique alternatives in the form of less crowded backwaters and resorts where you can succumb to a well-deserved wellness day with the best Ayurveda treatments .


Cherrapunji © Lola.

Considered the world’s rainiest town , Cherrapunji is the hidden gem of Megalaya state , a remote paradise in eastern India and bordering Bangladesh where you can put your adventurous radar to the test. In this area of ​​green mountains and sacred rivers we find friendly locals, genuine

crafts, natural root bridges erected by the Khasi ethnic group and waterfalls such as the Nohkalikai waterfall , the highest in India with up to 115 meters. Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating destinations for Senior trips if you are looking to escape from the main topics of a trip to India.

Cultural route through Tamil Nadu

The Descent of the Ganges: history on the shores of the Tamil Nadu coast. ©Envato

South India is brimming with tropicalism: the coconut palms overlooking the backwaters of Kerala , the spice villages of Periyar, the tea plantations of Munnar or beaches where you can perform the Sun Salutation during a yoga retreat. However, states like Tamil Nadu offer another vision of the history of India through different monumental complexes that are ideal for exploring the remains of this civilization. The temples of Madurai evoke colors that you didn’t even know existed; in Mahaballipuram you will find monolithic complexes such as The Descent of the Ganges; and in Pondicherry you can tour the colonial streets of this old French city by bicycle.


Gujarat: the other India. ©Outlook

Gujarat is the ideal place in India for those who already know India . Overshadowed by the popularity of other states like Rajasthan, Gujarat retains the essence of the cradle of the Indus Valley, essential to understanding the cultural origin of India. From cities like Ahmedabad , designated a UNESCO World Heritage City , to the Modhera Sun Temple , or Gandhi ‘s heritage on the streets of his hometown of Porbandar , Gujarat never leaves the most seasoned senior traveler indifferent. As extra experiences, nothing better than a night under the stars in the Rann de Kutch saline desert, or a visit to the only Asiatic lion specimens in Gir National Park.


The holiest city in the world is called Varanasi. © Pixabay

Varanasi is the city of India, even of the world, to which all traveling paths lead. The largest spiritual city on the planet overlooks a Ganges river from which to take perspective, among women in colorful saris submerged in the water and that aroma of fire and sandalwood that awakens more than one reflection. In addition, you can approach the Aarti Ganga, or offering rituals to the gods at sunset; take a boat ride on the holiest river in India, or explore a local culture so authentic that it will seem like you are on another planet. 


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