5 Interesting Facts About Jodhpur

One of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan is Jodhpur, which is ideally located amid a stunning section of the shimmering Thar Desert. Due to its historical buildings, old temples, and scenic locations, it has become well known all over the world. Today, it is one among the select few locations that you simply must see if you are visiting Rajasthan. It is the second-largest city in the state and offers attractions for all types of travellers. It appeals to everyone, from campers to nature lovers, thrill seekers, and history buffs.

As a result, it sees millions of travellers each year. However, despite being one of the most well-known and often visited locations in India, there are still a number of aspects of Jodhpur that are unknown to many visitors. So let’s continue and learn more about these fascinating Jodhpur-related facts.

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1) Blue City of India

You may have heard Jodhpur referred to as the blue city of India if you have ever studied Indian history. But have you ever considered the name’s origin? If not, then allow us to inform you that Jodhpur has the highest concentration of blue-painted homes, which were used to distinguish between Brahmins and other castes. These homes were identified as belonging to Brahmins. Jodhpur is now primarily recognised by tourists for its bright blue expanse.

2) Has a past that predates the Ramayana

Typically, it is taught that Rao Jodha, a Rajput chief who was also the creator of the Marwar region, created Jodhpur in the late 15th century. But it’s undoubtedly untrue. According to ancient Hindu texts, Jodhpur’s settlement dates back thousands of years to the time the Ahirs first settled the area. Therefore, it wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that Jodhpur is one of Rajasthan’s oldest cities.

3) The Origin Of Several Well-Known Rajasthani Dishes

Without experiencing Rajasthan’s decadent and mouthwatering regional cuisine, what kind of journey would be complete? A number of state cuisines have their roots in Jodhpur. Mirchi vada, mawa ki kachori, dal bati churma, bajre ka sagra, atte ka halwa, and gatte ki sabzi are included in the list. Additionally, it is renowned for creating a number of delectable desserts, including ghevar, malpua, and besan ki barfi. Therefore, Jodhpur should be added to everyone’s bucket list who enjoys eating. For you people, it is nothing less than heaven.

4) The Home To Fort Mehrangarh

As a result of its location atop a rocky hill at an elevation of around 410 feet and its construction by Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is frequently regarded to as one of the impregnable forts in India.

It would be acceptable to argue that Mehrangarh Fort is one of the strongest forts in the nation due to its powerful bastions, thick walls, and enormous entrances. It is currently one of Rajasthan’s most popular tourist attractions. If you have a passion for history, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn about its magnificence and history.

5) Is Home To One Of The Most Expensive Hotels In The World.

One of the biggest and most expensive heritage hotels in the world is called Umaid Bhawan Palace, and it is situated in Jodhpur. It was just chosen as the best hotel in the world. This artistically designed palace offers its visitors everything they could want, from all contemporary conveniences to a paradisiacal setting.

It was constructed in 1943 and serves as the royal family of Jodhpur’s private palace. What do you think about seeing this magnificent beauty and living like a king or queen there?


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