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Welcome to Rajasthan, Rajasthan tells about the place of kings and their heroic stories. There are amazing facts about Rajasthan. Which you will come to know only when you visit. Apart from this, Rajasthan is a colorful state, the main language spoken here is Marwari and the occupation of the people is dependent on agriculture. The people here mostly lead simple life. There are also well-known folk dances of Rajasthan which attract every age group, traditional folk dances of Rajasthan are famous all over the world like Ghoomar dance of Udaipur, Kalbelia dance of Jaisalmer, and folk music are an important part of the Rajasthani culture. Along with dance, they are also known for their taste. The people here are fond of feeding the guests, for example – Bikaner’s Bhujia, Jodhpur’s Mawa Wali Kachori, and Bajra Roti, Garlic Chutney, etc. attract everyone to themselves.

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